Self care and self love.

Getting better is a journey

A journey to better version of yourself starts with you and your willingness and ability to care and love yourself. Taking the first steps are usually the hardest; but things will fall into places after the first steps.

Small steps

Rome wasn't built in a day; great things take time. Let's see if you are a small challenge: commit 30 seconds each day to do 3 simple things for 30 days. First, be grateful that you and your loved ones are healthy and still with you. Second, take slow and long breaths when you are alone; be mindful and observe each inhale and exhale. Finally, smile; smile at your reflection and everyone around (even and especially strangers).

Let us know what you think and leave us your thoughts.

Hope this maiden post helps you to take the first (usually the hardest) steps to find a better version of yourself.

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